It's your star night!

Admire the starry sky on a yacht
7 Aug 23
2 days
1 000 stars
This tailored yacht tour is for you if
you have decided to break out of everyday life and embark on an interesting journey
you want to conquer the waves of the Black Sea by becoming part of a team of professionals
you dream of challenging the elements and curbing the sea winds as a crew member
you want to turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure!
Top-6 travel experiences
Starry sky in the open sea
Overnight in Juniper Bay
Meet dolphins
Watch sunset
Open water swimming
Fresh barbecue in the sea
We believe a perfect vacation should be
    Enjoy the healing sea air, which will strengthen your immunity and improve your well-being
    Try the freshest fish from the Black Sea, which we will catch ourselves and cook on the yacht
    Walks, excursions and learning the basics of yachting will not let you get bored!
Day 1
We'll meet on the yacht at 1 pm. Safety instructions. We go out to sea and head for Bounty Bay. There we swim and enjoy the most beautiful beach in the Crimea. Fry the shish kebab. Taking pictures. On a high-speed catamaran, we dissect the water surface and admire the dolphins swimming next to us. On the way we admire the Cossack Bay, the Grape Cape, we approach the grotto of Diana. We listen to stories from the captain. We go to the parking lot in Laspi Bay. We meet the sunset.

YOUR night

After the sunset, the most interesting begins! We are seeing off the last rays of the passing day and preparing for the show that the sky is preparing for us. We make ourselves comfortable: we take out pillows and blankets, make tea. Already little stars began to appear gradually. There are more and more of them. And now there are thousands, hundreds of thousands above us...millions of heavenly bodies! There is no light noise in the sea, so we can see them with the naked eye!
Day 2
We treat you to a nutritious breakfast. We swim in the sea and move towards Sevastopol. Today we admire the famous Cape Fiolent, the Orestes and Pylades rocks, the St. George Rock. During these 2 days, we will see the most iconic places of the south coast. Sunbathing on the deck. For lunch, we fry a fish kebab. Enjoy a beautiful day! Filled with emotions, we arrive at the home bay and finish our adventure at ~1 pm.

For the sake of your safety and comfort, the captain reserves the right to unilaterally replace intermediate stops or their order, depending on the strength and direction of the wind, weather conditions and the well-being of the group members.
Our yacht
Our yacht is a high-speed sailing and motor catamaran. The advantage of a catamaran over an ordinary yacht is that there is practically no side pitching on it. Accordingly, the waves will be carried much easier. (Just in case, there are always the necessary remedies for motion sickness on board).

Our vessel is a champion! It regularly comes first in regattas. It should be borne in mind that the yacht is as light as possible in order to reach maximum speed. There is 1 toilet on board. A freshwater shower is located at the stern. For guests on board, there are 4 single cabins + 6 berths on the deck with a view of the stars. You can choose any place to sleep.

The maximum number of guests is 6. A team of 2 people will provide your sea trip. You will feel just like professional participants of the Crimean sports regattas!
Who will lead the tour
  • Anna Koltsova
    Group leader
    I was born and lived in Crimea for many years. I have been traveling the world for more than 6 years. Having seen different corners of our Earth, I can say with confidence: Crimea is very undervalued.

    We will organize this yacht tour so that you can find out what beauties and wonders are so close. Crimea has a very rich history!

    Traveling by sea is an unusual experience that everyone is interested in experiencing! We will do our best to make your adventure joyful, informative, comfortable and safe!
  • Igor Popov
    I was born and live in Sevastopol. Since childhood, I have fallen in love with the striking beauty of the Black Sea.

    Even then I realized - I want to connect my life with him. I have traveled hundreds of miles under sail, and visited several countries. I participated in many regattas - and therefore I know the most picturesque corners of the Crimea very well.

    I am well-versed in history and know the legends of our beautiful peninsula, which I will be happy to share with you!
It's better to experience adventures rather than to read about them in books.
Dates of adventures
24.07.2023 - 25.07.2023
no seats left
07.08.2023 - 08.08.2023
6 seats left out of 6
21.08.2023 - 22.08.2023
6 seats left out of 6
28.08.2023 - 29.08.2023
6 seats left out of 6
04.09.2023 - 05.09.2023
6 seats left out of 6
If you are traveling in a group of 5-6 people, but there is no date suitable for you in the schedule, contact us! We will find a time convenient for you.
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