Design, social media, storytelling
Greetings! I am Anna, a 28-year-old designer originally from Russia. Having lived in Sri Lanka and currently residing in Delhi, I have been fortunate to experience diverse cultures and lifestyles that have influenced my creative perspective.

With 5 and a half years of professional experience, I began as a 3D artist in a game development studio. 3 years later, I moved on to work as a designer in a Startup and created a cohesive visual identity for the project, including its social media presence.

As a hobby, I have developed proficiency in photography and video editing, which have proven to be valuable assets in my work.
Featured projects
My portfolio includes social media posts, brochures, storytelling, identity, and 3D projects
Design and content creation
Brochure for LANKA FOR YOU
Design and layout
Design for a leather bags brand
Visual style, design and layout
Game-ready 3D model of a mech
Modelling and texturing
Youtube channel as a hobby
Content making and narratives
Corporate identity
Design and layout
My passion for design is driven by a desire to showcase the beauty of the world around us. Through my work, I strive to create designs that inspire and evoke emotions.
I am always open to new opportunities, collaboration and interesting projects, so write if you have any suggestions :)
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+7-911-722-66-37 (WhatsApp)